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Speaker. Author

Life Coach. Spiritual Guide.

More than 20 years of active involvement in sharing of the Gospel message of Hope in four different countries; Having access to people from various racial, ethnic, and social backgrounds, has given Sam an interesting edge on the integration of Biblical principles and everyday life.

His time as the senior pastor of an International Church in the heart of the city of Jakarta in Indonesia and numerous invitations to speak at Cooperate events, University and high school campuses, has given him the privilege of engaging with both young and old who are hungry to impact the world.

Sam has dedicated his life to empowering all people, especially young people to reach their highest possible potential while leveraging their spirituality to make a difference in the world. His mission is to inspire and empower people to live with purpose and godly awareness that enriches their lives and that of those they encounter on a daily basis. All the content in this website is an extension of that dedication and drive.

When Sam is not brainstorming new and innovative ways to share faith-filled, inspirational content on stage, online, or in one-on-one sessions, he enjoys spending time with his beautiful wife, Geska and their son, Asher Rylee; the two people that make what he does worth doing.

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